Metabolic Control in quarantine


The Carbohydrate Isolation Method is an educational tool based on neurogastro- endocrinology using regular food and its combination to improve the hormonal stimulation of the insulin. This metabolic control achieves when the glycemic index, glycemic load and the isolation of chemical structures of carbohydrates put in the same medical nutrition therapy. The term Isolation refers to avoid the mixture of different types of carbohydrates in the same meal for example the common mix of milk with bread and fruit in the international breakfast. When the carbohydrate derived from milk (lactose) is combined with the carbohydrate from fruits (fructose, dextrose) and the carbohydrate from bread (starch) the intestinal sensing of these different types of chemical structures induced a detrimental production of insulin and its hormone raising the plasmatic levels that cause insulin resistance stages around the day.